The Strangest Massage Ever!

What happened with my Reiki specialist will make you laugh! I had an opportunity to have a special treatment with a Reiki professional a few months ago!  You see, I have advanced Arthritis in both knees and was told to put my name on the wait list to have knee replacement surgery. I refused to […]

The Benefits of Reiki for Seniors

Many seniors are struggling with arthritis, surgeries, injuries, depression, chronic illness, stress, anxiety, poor sleep and mental health concerns which reduces the quality of life that they have.  They either have not heard of the benefits of Reiki or they do not understand how this gentle healing approach can help them.  Also they are nervous […]

Helping Headaches with Reiki

Headaches have been something we have all experienced at some point in our lives.  Stress is often a major contributor to people experiencing headaches, both migraine and tension headaches.  There are usually two types of stress – physical stress to our body and psychological stress (work, relationships, finances, strong emotions, etc.) In order to reduce […]

Are You a Nervous Flyer?

Are you someone who gets sweaty palms at the thought of flying or who hangs on so tight to the arm rests during takeoff and landing that you leave your finger prints in them? Departing from Cusco Coming home from Peru, on a flight from Cusco to Lima, an older Peruvian woman sat beside me.  […]