Work With Diane

By filling out this form, I acknowledge and recognize that Reiki is a natural “hands on” method of energy balancing, relaxation and stress reduction.  It is my responsibility, as the client, to let Diane Matthews know, before the session, if I am uncomfortable with any of the hand positions shown in the photo on this page.

I understand that all services given to me are not offered as a substitute for or replacement of any therapies for physical, mental or emotional ailments.  It is recommended that I seek medical advice for any physical or psychological condition that I may have.

I also understand that Diane Matthews is not a physician, does not practice psychotherapy, and does not diagnose conditions.

I understand that the body is designed to be able to heal itself and that complete relaxation is often beneficial for this to happen.  Multiple sessions may be required, especially for long term imbalances in the body, in order for the body to relax to the level where it can bring itself back into balance.  I am committed to following my personalized Reiki session program to help facilitate my self-improvement.

I understand that those under the age of consent require their parent or guardian to attend all sessions.

I understand that payment for services rendered is an acknowledgement of my entire satisfaction with the services provided.

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