Are You a Nervous Flyer?

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Are you someone who gets sweaty palms at the thought of flying or who hangs on so tight to the arm rests during takeoff and landing that you leave your finger prints in them?

Departing from Cusco

Coming home from Peru, on a flight from Cusco to Lima, an older Peruvian woman sat beside me.  I think it was her first flight. 

During the safety instructions given by the flight attendants, she was concerned and felt for the life vest under her seat. 

I tried the best I could to let her know that everything was fine even though she spoke only Spanish and mine was limited.

She struggled getting her seat belt fastened so I helped her. I noticed that she sat quietly for a few moments.  However, that was short lived. Soon the plane was starting to taxi down the runway.  Suddenly her right hand started to shake and she blessed herself several times.  Then both hands were clenched tightly to the arm rests! 

Her fear overtook her as the plane started to lift off and she grabbed my hand. I held her hand and started to let calming Reiki energy flow into her.

Reiki is a natural Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction plus it promotes healing.  I knew it would make a difference for her. 

Soon we were airborne and she visibly relaxed.

Landing in Lima

A relatively short time later the plane started to descend for landing and she looked worried as she could feel the plane start to slow down and drop in altitude. 

Landing was a repeat of the take off with her grabbing my hand tightly.  As before I let calming Reiki energy flow into her.  

By helping her body to relax, her stress level and anxiety were reduced and she was more comfortable.

Afterwards I saw her for a brief moment in the terminal.   She gave me a huge smile!  I felt so grateful that I had been able to help her using Reiki.

Are you a nervous flyer? Reiki helps to reduce the anxiety so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

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