Reiki Gives Relief Other Options Do Not

Reiki Gives Relief Other Options Do Not

I highly recommend my Reiki practitioner Diane Matthews.  I have been having regular sessions with Diane for several months now and I just love each session.  I am so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge about her work.

I have arthritis in the left side of my neck and in several spots down my spine.  When I have a flare up I get neck pain, stiffness, earache, headaches, and it aggravates the tinnitus in my left ear.  After an hour session with Diane I always find so much relief that other options do not give me.  My last session even alleviated my annoying tinnitus.  After each session Diane explains where she found the blocks and sometimes suggests natural remedies for me to try.

I just love my Reiki sessions with Diane.  Well worth the cost!

JS, Contract Manager, BEd Hons., MEd

Improved Sleep with Reiki

Improved Sleep with Reiki

I have a pretty busy and stressful lifestyle and one of my biggest challenges for quite some years now has been to be able to get a good night sleep.  I have to say that after the first Reiki session with Diane my sleep has improved a lot!  Not only do I get a restful sleep but on average I am getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep!  This is about 2 – 3 more hours than what I used to get!  After a couple of months I am still on the right track!

PS, Edmonton, AB

Improved mobility with Reiki

Improved mobility with Reiki

“Prior to my first treatment with Diane, I had limited mobility of my left shoulder due to an injury and surgery in 2015.  I was unable to raise my arm above shoulder level without discomfort.

After the first treatment, I was impressed by the increase in mobility I had.  Immediately I could raise my arm up with very little problem.  I continue to have progress with mobility and have started an exercise program.

On my fourth visit I had twisted my ankle.  Diane concentrated on that area with excellent results.

I have recommended Diane from Every Body Loves Reiki to many friends.  She is friendly, calming and gifted.”

-DS, Edmonton, AB

Effective and Gentle

….Effective and Gentle

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving many Reiki treatments from Diane Matthews.  Her treatments are very gentle, yet effective.  I feel great after every session!  I definitely recommend Diane to anyone seeking Reiki.”

-RH, Edmonton

Reiki is calming for ADHD and Autism

….Reiki is calming for ADHD and Autism

“My young adult daughter on the Autism Spectrum loves coming for Reiki treatments with Diane.  She feels more relaxed after and sleeps better with less disturbing dreams!  My teenage daughter with ADHD and OCD tendencies also feels calmer and more centered after Reiki by Diane!!”

-CK, Edmonton

…Reiki reduces arthritic pain

…Reiki reduces arthritic pain

“If you are wondering how Reiki can help you or your family, I understand how you feel.  I felt that way once myself until I tried it on my advanced arthritic knees.  After the treatment, I had no pain in my knees for several weeks.  I now know that Reiki really works and can also be done at a distance.  I recommend that you contact Diane Matthews if you have discomfort, or sick pets, or children with challenges in health.  Reiki can help you.”

CT, Calmar, AB[

…Reiki for Jazz the mare

…Reiki for Jazz the mare

Diane came out and worked with my herd of horses.  She is gentle and intuitive while giving her treatment.  I was very surprised that the one horse who doesn’t want people around came up and wanted a treatment.  After the session, my mare Jazz was more open to being with people and less shutdown emotionally.  I would highly recommend gifting your beloved animal or yourself a treatment with Diane.

CS, Kingman, AB


….pain-free motion after Reiki

…pain-free movement after Reiki

“I was fortune to have Diane visit recently, and during her stay, she performed two Reiki sessions for me.  I was skeptical, but thought I had nothing to lose.  I was surprised at how calming and  relaxing the sessions were, and at the range of pain-free motion I had in my sore shoulder following the sessions.  That was well over 10 days ago and I am still feeling the benefits!

Thank you, Diane, for that comfort!”

-DP, Comox, B.C.

I can feel the difference with Reiki treatments

……I can feel the difference

“I have received several Reiki treatments from Diane of Every Body Loves Reiki and I can feel the difference and the benefits I get from these treatments each time.  They really help my healing journey and I plan to go back for more!”

MJ, Edmonton

…..recovering from hip surgery

…..recovering from hip surgery

“In November 2016, my 14 year old Siamese Torte, Jasmine, was recovering from hip surgery.  It was at this time a mutual acquaintance suggested I get in touch with Diane Matthews who does Reiki on animals.  After speaking with Diane on the phone and checking out her web page www.everybodylovesreiki.ca I found Diane’s interest in energy work and healing quite compelling and inspiring!

Jasmine normally hisses at new people getting too close to her.  She was fine with Diane ‘doing her stuff’ and quickly lied down beside her to eat her food.  She then jumped up on the couch to have a snooze and soak up the Reiki.  After both visits, Jasmine showed a noticeable improvement.  She was able to move around much faster.

Diane is very professional, caring, thoughtful and accommodating towards both Jasmine’s and my needs.  Diane’s kindness and interest in this field to improve her knowledge and experience has been a wonderful gift to Jasmine and I.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have Diane come back and do Reiki on Jasmine and me!!”

Deb L, Edmonton

….improvement in my health with Reiki

….improvement in my health with Reiki

“Diane Matthews has gentle healing hands!  I don’t know where I would be without her Reiki treatments.   Several months ago I started treatments and at that time I had no energy and stayed in bed most of each day.  I felt horrible.  Now I am able to be up all day and even drove my car for the first time in months.  I’m able to go visiting and do some work around my home and in my yard.  I have more energy and there is an improvement in how I’m feeling.  Diane has helped me a lot.  She has found her true calling.  As a result I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

DL, Edmonton

….help for tension

……help for tension

“Diane is a very skilled Reiki practitioner.  Her gentle touch and amazing energy was exactly what I needed when I was all tensed up.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing physical or emotional pain.”

KH, Edmonton

….about kids with autism

…..about kids with autism

Diane is a kind and caring individual with a keen interest in helping kids with autism or anxiety in general.  I would highly recommend her if you are looking for alternative therapy to enhance your child’s functioning.” –

MS, Edmonton

relaxation for child

….relaxation for the rambunctious child

“With having a child on the spectrum I am always looking for non-invasive treatments that will add quality to his life.  Our kiddo is 8 and learning self-regulatory skills.  He is naturally anxious and I wanted something that could help him feel relaxed so he could identify with that feeling.  I arranged to see Diane at Every Body Loves Reiki.  Our first treatment only lasted for 10 minutes and was relatively uneventful.  I was amazed at our next treatment.  On a Sunday morning at 9 I presented an energetic boy and wondered why I had selected such an early morning appointment as he’s pretty rambunctious at that time of day.  Within minutes of the treatment starting I could see “A”. relaxing and taking pleasure in what was happening to his body.  I noticed that he was calmer during the week after treatment.  We will continue treatments as I believe “A” is much calmer for the days following treatments.”

MS, EDmonton

grateful for something new

…grateful for something new

“I wanted to thank you for the last two amazing treatments. They’ve helped me so much! I’m new to Reiki but so glad I discovered it.” –

BK, Edmonton