….relaxation for the rambunctious child

“With having a child on the spectrum I am always looking for non-invasive treatments that will add quality to his life.  Our kiddo is 8 and learning self-regulatory skills.  He is naturally anxious and I wanted something that could help him feel relaxed so he could identify with that feeling.  I arranged to see Diane at Every Body Loves Reiki.  Our first treatment only lasted for 10 minutes and was relatively uneventful.  I was amazed at our next treatment.  On a Sunday morning at 9 I presented an energetic boy and wondered why I had selected such an early morning appointment as he’s pretty rambunctious at that time of day.  Within minutes of the treatment starting I could see “A”. relaxing and taking pleasure in what was happening to his body.  I noticed that he was calmer during the week after treatment.  We will continue treatments as I believe “A” is much calmer for the days following treatments.”

MS, EDmonton