Reiki Gives Relief Other Options Do Not

I highly recommend my Reiki practitioner Diane Matthews.  I have been having regular sessions with Diane for several months now and I just love each session.  I am so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge about her work.

I have arthritis in the left side of my neck and in several spots down my spine.  When I have a flare up I get neck pain, stiffness, earache, headaches, and it aggravates the tinnitus in my left ear.  After an hour session with Diane I always find so much relief that other options do not give me.  My last session even alleviated my annoying tinnitus.  After each session Diane explains where she found the blocks and sometimes suggests natural remedies for me to try.

I just love my Reiki sessions with Diane.  Well worth the cost!

JS, Contract Manager, BEd Hons., MEd