…..recovering from hip surgery

“In November 2016, my 14 year old Siamese Torte, Jasmine, was recovering from hip surgery.  It was at this time a mutual acquaintance suggested I get in touch with Diane Matthews who does Reiki on animals.  After speaking with Diane on the phone and checking out her web page www.everybodylovesreiki.ca I found Diane’s interest in energy work and healing quite compelling and inspiring!

Jasmine normally hisses at new people getting too close to her.  She was fine with Diane ‘doing her stuff’ and quickly lied down beside her to eat her food.  She then jumped up on the couch to have a snooze and soak up the Reiki.  After both visits, Jasmine showed a noticeable improvement.  She was able to move around much faster.

Diane is very professional, caring, thoughtful and accommodating towards both Jasmine’s and my needs.  Diane’s kindness and interest in this field to improve her knowledge and experience has been a wonderful gift to Jasmine and I.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have Diane come back and do Reiki on Jasmine and me!!”

Deb L, Edmonton